Seeming to float above Biscayne Bay's shallow seagrass beds, Stiltsville has a colorful history that dates back to the 1930s, when "Crawfish Eddie Walker" built the first shack on stilts above the water.
Over the years more buildings were constructed, and the area took on an aura of mystery.

Accessible only by water, the area was the place to see and be seen when visiting the winter resorts on nearby Miami Beach.

Stories of illegal alcohol and gambling led to several police raids on the Bikini Club and Quarterdeck Club. At its peak in 1960, there were 27 structures on the flats, but hurricanes, fires and the ravages of being in such an exposed place made every building relatively short-lived.

Check it out now as it's future is in doubt with the government, natural disasters and aging all contributing to uncertainty.

Mansion Tours

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Yep, it was BIG! REAL BIG!!...his house alone is worth over 50 million. (And that's in a bad

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Marine Life

Wandered what a manatee looks like up close?

Ever seen a pod of dolphins in the wild??

Turtles or Manta Rays drifting alongside our excursions are a common sight..

Wanted to experience tropical birds flying around in their natural habitats? Snow Egrets, Ibis, Loons, Blue Herons, and plenty of other birds that range in color and size.

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